The Top South Korean Foods that every Traveler must try

Travelling is one of the best ways to eliminate stress. It is the time where people are more focused on the “NOW” rather than what the future holds. One of the most important factors in travelling is the food. Good food can always bring more tourists back.

In the world, South Korea has so many things to offer. This country is also famous because of the different street foods that it has. Now, here are the different street foods that every tourist should try once they go to South Korea.

One of the most famous Korean street foods is the Tteokbokki. This dish is made from rice cakes with some fish cake as well. This is a little bit spicy so you really should have the endurance towards spice. Moreover, this type of dish is not really expensive.

best korean food

Another delicious Korean street food is the Korean sea weed roll. This is food is similar to Japanese make but it is equally delicious as the first one mentioned. Moreover, Korean sea weed roll is really healthy because of the different vegetables and especially egg that is inside it.

Third, jeon or pancake is also a popular street food and most especially eaten after work or school. Jeon is similar to a pancake but the difference is you can choose scallion jeon or kimchi jeon. Both kimich jeon and scallion jeon are different, but it offers the same goodness and fullness that everyone has felth.

Fourth, wall nut cakes are still one of the leading kind of street food or snack. This type of cake dough is a little bit similar to the original pancake but the difference is there is a red paste filling inside. A lot of people still queue up for the delicious wall nut cake.

Fifth, Ramyeon is very interesting and famous Korean noodle soup, its taste is perfect for cold weather. You will surely enjoy its colorful taste varying from sour, sweet and salt. This noodle soup has been spread and cooked all over the world and many food enthusiasts find this dish one of their top on the list, so if you have not tried yet? Do not miss this dish when you visit Korea.

Lastly, even if it is not a street food, Korean bibimbap or rice bowl with vegetables is also a popular choice. This dish has rice in it but it is topped with fresh and good quality vegetables. It has red pepper paste as the sauce and it is topped with an egg.

In summary, going outside of the country is surely fun but before of going out it is important that you do research and make comparisons about everything especially accommodation and food. In South Korea, this country offers good food, good music, and awesome students. Also there’s more freedom and fun in South Korea rather than in North. So if Korea is your next holiday destination, bookmark this information to help you in finding and tasting the best of this country.