The secret to a great holiday in Ibiza

family on breach in ibiza having fun

Planning to visit Ibiza? Here are a few secrets to help you have the best experience. This is probably what nobody is telling you expect us. Not only does this save you from frustrations but also makes sure you get the best out of the trip.

Go with friends and family
If it’s possible, go with friends or family. There is even a saying that the many you are the merrier it will be. You don’t want to be the sole stranger roaming in the clubs trying to fit in with the others and evading their privacy. Furthermore, most of the activities in Ibiza are more fun if done in groups. Enjoy all the water activities on the Island with a group of friends, go for hiking and long strolls and enjoy the Ibiza weather. Partying in this great party Island is always 100% better if done with friends so that you can let loose and get freaky with all the people you enjoy having an amazing time with.


Save money prior to the trip
This is a secret to having a great vacation anywhere in the world. You always want to make sure that you have the best of everything a place can offer. The secret to having a great time goes hand in hand with having enough money to serve you and give you the comfort you need for that trip. Going on a vacation and then running short of money to support your needs can leave you feeling frustrated and you will not enjoy all that Ibiza has to offer. Imagine starting your vacation with high spirits and then a few days later you are broke and don’t even have enough cash to pay for your hotel. This could really ruin your vacation time for a lifetime. Working on a budget will ensure that you are relaxed throughout the vacation and not thinking of how you will finance your stay or pay your mortgage when you get home.

Perfect timing
If you are a person who loves the crowd and partying with all the celebrities who show up in Ibiza then going to Ibiza while it’s at its peak moment should be your goal. For those who enjoy a little privacy and want to have the Island all to themselves then going to Ibiza before its packed to capacity is the perfect time for you. You need to always time yourself and find the most favorable time for you to go on vacation. Additionally, you don’t want to go to the Island without your friends so planning a time that will work best for all of you is the goal at all times.

Find the perfect spot
Always ask around from the locals the best spots to hang out and chill. There are numerous chirunguitos that adorn the Island but it pays off to ask around for the perfect ones that serve the best food and drinks and plays chill music. You don’t want to spend your afternoon listening to some boring songs and probably having the worst meals you have ever experienced. A hangout spot can make a great difference to your vacation that’s for sure. If you are a quiet and personal and you love to have a little bit of privacy then spending time in less crowded places should be a priority. Ask around and find out which places have fewer people and enjoy your afternoon or evening with a nice cocktail in your hand. If you are the outgoing type who love the crowd and enjoy interacting with people then finding a place where there is a large crowd should be on the top of your list. Find the perfect club that offers the great music and have the coolest DJs and have the time of your life.  Also take time to find the best location for your hotel or villa, it will make a huge difference to your chilling 🙂

ibiza villa

Image source: Balearic Homes

Don’t forget the beaches
I mean you are on Island you don’t want to miss out on seeing the sunset or the sunrises in Ibiza. Ibiza has many beaches but finding the perfect beach that offers all your needs should be of utmost importance. Finding the perfect beach with cool, deep and calm waters that are perfect for swimming can make your day at the beach marvelous. Don’t forget the sand on the beaches, find the perfect beach with long stretches of white sand beaches and clean beaches that will leave you enjoying a stroll on the Island on your barefoot.

ibiza perfect beach

Explore the Island
I bet you there are a few people who have gone to Ibiza and have no clue that there is a small Island next to Ibiza that is only a few minutes away. Formentera is Ibiza less known and quitter sister Island. Enjoy yourself in this Island with its marvelous beaches and luxurious hotels and spa. This Island is the perfect getaway when you want to be a few minutes away from all the hustle and crowd that is found in Ibiza. This Island is accessible on a ferry in less than 20 minutes and you get to enjoy all the peace and tranquility that the Island has to offer.

Get the best hotel room in the Island
Nothing says luxury than waking up to an amazing view of the Island and perfect beach. Find yourself a beach that offers all this and many more. Enjoy a luxurious visit to the Island by making sure you get the best of the best in the Island. Book yourself a hotel room prior to your trip and always ensure that the specifications given in the brochure are the correct one. Enjoy a hotel that offers spas, incredible room service, and nice views of the Island and long beaches. Some hotel rooms even offer perfect sunset and sunrise views that will take your breath away.