Most Popular Road Trip Routes In The US

awesome usa road trips to do before you die

Road trips provide the perfect bonding time with your friends and family members. Nothing makes you appreciate your country like the famous old-fashioned American road trip. Get to see the majestic mountains as you pass along the highway and take pictures on your way. Enjoy the amazing sight of the deep blue ocean on the horizon and if you are lucky to get to see the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Witness how amazing the United States is with its fantastic lush green vegetation and wildlife.

Get to see all this while enjoying the company of your friends and family. Listen to your favorite playlist while traveling and sing along to your favorite song to make the road trip more epic. But with all this fun stuff to do you need to be driving in the perfect highway with less traffic to provide you with the excitement of a road trip. You don’t want to travel in a highway filled with cars and traffic at every single second. This will remind you of your boring commute to school or work every day. The purpose of taking a road trip is to forget all your duties and your busy schedule and get to be laid back and relaxed.

That’s why we have summarized some of the best road trip routes in the United States and we hope you enjoy. So, find a classic american car to rent, chuck all your gear in a  secure roof box and hit the road.

Route 66

Of course, we can’t talk about road trips and fail to mention this famous route. Route 66 is one of the most popular road trip routes in the United States. The highway runs from Chicago to California a distance of 2451 miles, amazing right? This highway gives you a lot to do while on the journey ranging from camping to sight-seeing.

Get to see and visit downtown Chicago and enjoy the cultural fun activities there. It does not count as a road trip via route 66 if you don’t make a stop at the unique Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo and get the chance to see the fascinating animals in the ranch. Go out of your way and visit St. Louis and have an amazing time there.

Outer Banks North Carolina
Are you an ocean person? Do you enjoy the marvelous and breathtaking view of the water? Then you must try out this highway. The highway is 100 miles long surrounded by the ocean and white sand beaches that will definitely take your breath away. Outer Banks North Carolina offers an out of this planet kind of experience with the ocean on one side and the historic colonial towns along the road. The history in those small towns will leave you amazed by how great America is.

The highway passes through some fascinating fishing villages to exclusive tourist destinations. Also, the highway passes through some amazing summer houses and massive hotels that are right over the beach with amazing views of the ocean. These beach hotels are a perfect place to spend the night and enjoy the luxurious feel of living in a 5-star hotel with great views. The highway passes through the pea island national wildlife refuge and you get to see all the wildlife as you pass by. At the end of the highway are the historic lighthouses which offer a great view and a perfect way to end your road trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia
Blue Ridge Parkway drive is very unique in its own. With the ban on billboards, commercial traffic and zero commercial towns the highway lets you enjoy the magnificent beauty of the United States. The highway is 469 miles long filled with amazing views on both sides. The highway is filled with mountainous terrain that can be seen as you drive along.

It has magnificent waterfalls that adorn the countryside. Also, it is filled with birds and wild turkey that make your journey a memorable one. An amazing feature is the breathtaking lush environment that captures your eye as you drive along. With vibrant yellows and deep reds during the fall season and a whole new brightness of white, pink, orange and red wildflowers during spring. This ensures that you don’t get bored driving along this road any season of the year.

Pacific coast highway California
This list would be incomplete without the mention of the great Pacific coast highway. This highway is considered the best drives in the United States. The route starts from San Diego all the way to California. Taking the larger part of the best coastal scenery in all of California the Pacific coast highway provides the most breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Follow the route and get to see the gorgeous coastal town of Monterey and be amazed by its incredible history. Your final destination is the popular city by the bay and this will give you a lifetime experience of adventures. Enjoy all the exciting areas in San Francisco and explore this great city.

Historic Columbia River highway Oregon
This is one of the oldest scenic routes in the country as it was built in 1917. The route is 23 miles long and it is considered one of the greatest feats of its time. Today, this route is termed as a national historic landmark and it puts on display some fascinating and astonishing views you can ever witness.

Taking this route will leave you amazed by the many historic sites along the way. For example, the vista house which sits at 700 ft. above the Columbia River. Moreover, the route is filled with a series of waterfalls adorning the sides of the road. These sites will be perfect for camping and picnics before heading on with your journey. We can’t forget the breathtaking curved out road tunnels that cut through the cliff sides offering a magnificent view.

Enjoy yourself with family and friends by trying out one of the above road trip routes. Get the experiences of a lifetime while cruising across the country enjoying the magnificent views of the lush vegetation or the endless ocean view. Enjoy seeing wildlife along the way.
Have fun!

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