5 of the best mountain climbing spots in America

The sweeping vistas, beautiful panoramas, physical exercise and the feeling of being close to nature is something that all mountain climbers want to experience all over again. Every person that has climbed a mountain knows those feelings. And if you want to experience those same feelings yourself, then you have got try mountain climbing in certain locations. You may want to plan a travel trip to one of these mountains around North America.

Guadalupe Peak, Texas

Located in the Guadalupe Mountain National Park, this is a 9,000-foot peak that you have you have got to try climbing if you are ever in the lone star state. The whole mountain trek will take around 6 to 8 hours, so be prepared for a full day of climbing up this mountain. You get to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding desert and even the gorgeous and lush ponderosa forest surrounding the National Park. And once you reach the top, you are treated with a full view of the splendor of Texas.

Mt. Katahdin, Maine

At over 5,000 feet, this is the state of Maine’s highest peak. It sits in the large Baxter National Park. And climbers of Mt. Katahdin, will get to enjoy some of the best views of Maine from the top of the mountain.

Half Dome, California

This is one of the most recognizable mountains in the USA. It is located right in the sprawling Yosemite National Park. And visitors to this mountain are treated with a 360-degree view of the historical park. The mountain towers over 8,000 feet above Yosemite Valley. Only 225 hikers are allowed per day to get climb to the top of this mountain. And those hikers are selected through a lottery. So you had better be quite lucky if you want to trek up this gorgeous mountain.

Long’s Peak, Colorado

This is one mountain peak that is best reserved to more experienced trekkers. This is because Long’s Peak sits at about 14,000 feet. So you know that you need to be quite skilled if you want to reach the top. If you want to reach the peak before late afternoon or evening, then you need to start your hike quite early in the morning, at least several hours before dawn. On your hike, you will get to pass by huge boulders and deep drops, so this is a mountain climb that is not for the faint of hurt. Your will and determination are going to get tested if you ever plan on taking on Long’s Peak.

Desolation Peak, Washington

This is a mountain that is located in the North Cascades range. It is a demanding climb but pushing through to the peak will give climbers the prize of being able to see gorgeous views of the rest of the North Cascade mountain range. At the peak of the mountain, you will also get to visit a fire tower where the great American beat writer, Jack Kerouac, worked and lived for a summer. He wrote about his experiences in Desolation Peak, in one of his novels, “Desolation Angels.” So this is a climb not only for hiking enthusiasts but for those who love literature as well.